Bedtime Mantra

I’ve been tossing up for ages about getting some designs printed for your nursery and living room walls. With some steady design work and mum duties, I’ve been neglecting getting on top of this but I decided to at least start with one and see what you think. Sometimes you just have to start!

This first print is a little mantra I wrote for bed time with your little ones. If you’re blessed with a sleep fighter (like me.. ha!), I feel like this might help to read to your little one each night as part of your bedtime routine/sleep rituals.

I’m a little way off having these available to purchase, but hopefully the words I have written will be helpful to you at bed time (wine time).


Here are the words for you:

My little one, you’ve had a big day
Full of fun, adventure, laughter and play.
Your head is swirling with thoughts of today
But now it’s time to put them away.

Your body feels heavy, your mind feels light
You’re safe in your bed, and tucked in tight.
Your mumma loves you, your daddy too
And we’ll be here when sunbeams find you.

Goodnight and sweet dreams,
sweet child of mine.

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