Sprucing up the ol’ logo

Hey there,

You may (or may not) have noticed a slight tweak to my logo this week. I have felt for a little while that my logo wasn’t quite right and had visions of redesigning it completely. I had talked about it with my mum-in-law (also a designer) and she said she liked it the way it was – what did I not like about it? It was one of those things where you know it just needs a small change but you’re not sure what.

The logos I am most drawn to are simple, classic and clean. My logo is fairly simple and clean in shape, but it just needed a small tweak to tidy it up – which brought me to colour. The colours were not quite right and to be honest, a little busy. The idea behind the colours in the original logo was that Hide and E were the same colour (and to be read together) – Heidi. Get it? Ha so this is an example of an idea being good in theory, but doesn’t translate so well. Nobody really picked up on it.

So I’ve brought it back to basics with black and white and one colour – a great Pantone colour called Rubine Red. It may well be the perfect pink.

OLDvNEWThe next little change was to my secondary logo. The border around the H mimics the border in my primary logo so has an off centre cut-out. My husband and I were hanging on the couch over the weekend (he was gaming, I was agonising over a logo – standard) and he said “You know if you just turned that border around it would be the C from Create”. Huh. Why had I not thought of that? Thanks Miles! Sometimes you just need someone else to look at your work with fresh eyes.


Anyway next up is new business cards and I’m hoping to get some pretty special ones (that don’t break the budget!) – exciting!

Heidi xx

P.s. This blog post has been brought to you by a wonderful little bobbler (baby/toddler) who has decided to take a two hour nap. Win!


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