Hello again

Well would you look at that! It’s been a whole year since my last blog post! Where have I been you may be asking?


That’s right. Little baby Milla Plum arrived on 3rd September has been monopolising my time over the past year. I’ve been on maternity leave from my day job and while I’ve been keeping up with a few of my regular design clients, I’ve been just soaking up all this time with my new little human and learning how to be Mumma. Here’s another one because she is just an absolute delight.


Ok so probably no more photos are required, she has already taken over my instagram account. Oops! But I promise to get back to posting here more regularly about the happenings around Hide & Create land. The other exciting thing was that we moved into our newly renovated house just a month before bubba arrived which has been so nice. I’ll have to devote another post to a before an after.

So onto a new little design project. Ok ok… yes it is related to Milla Plum because her 1st birthday is coming up in 10 weeks (whaaa?!) but it is also a really pretty design that I’m super happy with. We’re having a little garden party for her birthday – I’m thinking fairy lights in the big mango tree, little lanterns, flowers in teapots and I’m hoping to organise mum & bub matching flower crowns (teehee). I’ll have to post soon about my party planning.

Until then, have a squizz at these xx


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